Anne Marie Faulkner

Anne Marie Faulkner

Principal Broker

RE/MAX Equity Group Real Estate

M.O. Stevens
The Orenco Station Max Stop


West of Portland and East of Hillsboro, Beaverton is a thriving component of the metro with diverse offerings in industy, transportation options, and local activities.



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Cedar Mills Crossing


Progress Ridge

A vibrant neighborhood in south Beaverton, Progress ridge is a destination of its own! Greenspace and a dense shopping center offer comfortable family living and entertainment practically next door.


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Progress Ridge TownSquare



The business environment in hillsboro is continuing to prove advantagious for large and small operations, with substantial public offerings and community-led events.



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Hub 9 in Orenco Station



Portland is maintaining its reputation as a hot location for the housing market; exceptional locations and a variety of home styles make for some beautiful urban lifestyles.


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Jeff Gunn
Mt. Hood from the OHSU Tram