Anne Marie Faulkner

Anne Marie Faulkner

Principal Broker


Not only do I have local information on my site, but I have also put together the following links that you may find useful. Please note that all links will open in a new tab.


Informative links:

Reccomended Vendors:

These are a list of professionals that I have worked with before, and that I can recommend personally.


Inspect Northwest

    - Jim Dille, 503-422-7059


    - Marius Simedru, 503-806-6107

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    - Action Hardwood Floors, 503-380-1372

     NW Wood Floors LLD Mark Franklin, 503-805-7114

· Heating/Cooling

    - Antcil Heating & Cooling, 503-281-0752

    - Impact Heating & Cooling Jay Schiedeler, 503-510-9637

O’Hearn Remodeling & Construction

     - Kelly O’Hearn, 503-330-1431

Phileo Construction, HVAC, remodeling

     - Michael Do, 503-830-5827

Roofing repairs, replacement, cleaning

     - David Vacek, 503-709-0225

Sewer Scope, Soil Samples,  Environment Cleanup, Sewerline Repair, Oil Tank Locate & Decommissioning

     - Environmental Works, 503-719-6715

Sewer Scope 

     - Matt ‘N Mel’s Sewer Scope, 503-324-0423,

Sewerline Repair, Sewer Scope, Water Heaters & Remodels 

     - Royal flush, 503-657-3919

Waterline Repair,  Sewerline Repair, Sewer Scope, & Well Pump Installation/Repair

     - Mr. Rooter (Brian Lee), 503-653-6301

Septic construction + cleaning

     - M E Moore Construction, 503-397-2737 (St. Helens area)


     - Pacific Exteriors, Jay Mainella, 503-953-0419,

     - Doug Bredall, 503-515-8636,

Water in the Crawl Space

     - Ability Plus Drainage Company, Greg, 503-246-0479

Auto, Home, and Life Insurance

     - Ed Lief, 503-462-0530,